Welcome to A Passion 4 Kids!


A Passion 4 Kids is committed to supporting children and their families in order to help make a better community and pave the way for a better future. We take our jobs seriously! As teachers and child care providers, we are honored to lead the future of our world. Your child will fell at home here, surrounded by lots of happy boys and girls. 


We believe that every child has unique and special qualities that should be continuously nurtured, guard, and celebrated. All activities are designed to adequately nurture the emotional and intellectual growth of our children.Through stimulating situations and hands-on learning opportunities, young children are free to develop into bright young minds.

At A Passion 4 Kids, we are dedicating to providing: 

* Safe, reliable, child care services designed to meet the needs of busy families.

* Academic programming that supports the young mind. 

* Engaging programming for school-aged students.

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Our Classes




Our Pre-K program is designed to encourage the child's interest in his/her own education. Our program will encourage children's natural inquisitiveness, allowing them to take things apart and put them back together to learn how they work. Our Pre-K Program will prepare these children for public school. 


Before and After School

Our School Age program is designed to meet the individual needs of both younger and older children. Your child will thrive with special activities categorized by age to create a more effective environment for children to increase social and emotional development.

Early Learning

Our Early Learning Curriculum guides us in planning and facilitating experiences and interactions for our  early learners. We seek to provide experiences that support and nurture your child's development in a positive way.